Arai RX-7V EVO Diamond White

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The Arai RX-7V EVO is a top-notch full face helmet. If you thought the Arai RX-7 GP had it all, Arai is back with a renewed version with even better specs. 

By putting the RX-7V EVO on the market, Arai has created a worthy successor of the previously successful Arai RX 7 GP but with a few improvements:

  • The pivot point of the helmet is placed 24 millimeters lower. They have also made the pivot mechanism smaller and placed it at the most crucial point on the helmet, as determined by the Snell Research Foundation.
  • The visor on the RX-7 GP was a bit difficult to open and close due to the small grip. The RX-7V EVO has a larger grip, which eliminates this problem.
  • The plastic spoiler on top of the helmet reduces hot air inside the helmet. It is 20 millimeters longer than that of its predecessor. This enhances airflow and aerodynamics at high speed. Thanks to the new diffuser (Type 12) and air intakes (IC Duct5) that are 19 percent larger in size, the RX-7V EVO has improved airflow by 11 percent.
  • The renewed outer shell may look the same on the surface, but it is 30 grams lighter thanks to a new type of resin used for the outer shell. In addition, the relocation of the visor's turning mechanism has created an extra 3 millimeters of space for the mouth and chin which enhances overall comfort.
  • The inner lining has also been redesigned. The inner lining is highly adjustable where the rider can completely adjust it for the perfect fit. The material is made of Eco Pure which is antibacterial and provides a pH level close to the skin’s pH to prevent irritation.

The unique features of the Arai RX-7V EVO are perhaps even more impressive than the differences from the Arai RX-7 GP mentioned above.

By carrying the new and more strict ECE 22.06 certification, the Arai-7V EVO has a high safety standard. For the past few years, Arai has been known to focus on developing helmets that offer the best protection. A key feature of their helmets is that they are developed with excellent impact distribution. To ensure optimal safety, Arai firmly believes through effective force distribution during an impact should prevent these forces from getting through the helmet. The special shape of the smooth and round outer shell, known as the ‘R75 shape,’ is designed for force distribution and redirection. These outer shells go through much stricter safety tests than the American SNELL M2010 and the European ECE 22.06. During these tests, the helmet is vertically dropped with full-force on one point. A perfect impact like this is rarely seen on the motorway.

Arai helmets undergo several other tests. In another test, Arai tests helmets with an impact where the point of impact constantly changes during an accident. The R75 shape is truly unmatched in these situations. Arai in fact uses years of data collected from real life accidents, and not just from testing within laboratories.

From extremely good ventilation to unrivalled comfort, Arai has thought of everything with this helmet. The sturdy PB SNC2 outer shell is made of Super Fiber and other special synthetic fibers, which has resulted in flexibility in addition to an enormous tensile strength. These materials are used in various ways in F1 sports.

The diffuser and the air intakes together provide a better ventilation. The IC Duct5 air intakes are adjustable as it can be used in 3 ways: closed, half closed and open. This also reduces wind noise and water intrusion. The air openings provide 11% more airflow compared to the previous Delta Duct5. It also includes a larger vent making opening and closing easy.

The VAS MAX Vision (MV) visor offers improved visibility in all seasons and comes with a clear anti-fog pinlock. The VAS MV visor has a variable pivot point, allowing the visor to be opened and closed easily.

The inner lining is made from the new and very comfortable Eco Pure material. The fit can be adjusted through the adjustable parts on the sides of the inner lining. With the newly designed chin flap under the chin bar, the oval shape of the helmet is improved and prevents wind from entering while allowing excess air to escape. The inner lining and special closings around the chin are designed so the helmet can be easily put on and taken off.

Behind the cheek pads in the inner lining, there is enough space for a communication set. An additional 5 millimeters can be taken off the cheek pieces if more space is needed, creating more space around the mouth which gives a more open feeling.

Product info

More Information
Brand Arai
Model RX-7V EVO
Color Diamond White
Category Full Face Helmets
Pinlock Included
Internal Sun Visor No
Homologation ECE (EU approved for motorcycle and scooter NOT DOT approved)
Note If a helmet is equipped with a visor, it concerns a clear visor, unless otherwise stated.


  • PB-SNC2 fiber outer shell
  • Removable and washable Eco Pure inner lining
  • Emergency Release System
  • Removable cheek pads
  • IC Duct5 air intake with 3 positions
  • Chin cover
  • Prepared for communication set
  • Easily removable visor
  • Diffusers for better aerodynamics
  • Pinlock included
  • ECE 22.06 certified


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