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X-Lite full face helmets

The premium helmet brand X-Lite is part of the Nolan Group and the brand is primarily focussed on manufacturing extremely qualitative composite fibre motorcycle helmets. The advantage of this type of material is that X-Lite helmets are lightweight and that they offer protection of the highest possible standard. The brand X-Lite was founded in 1998, born from their own brand Nolan. The MotoGP industry features big names who ride with X-Lite such as Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo. It is party thanks to their input and feedback that X-Lite has become the leading motorcycle helmet brand that they are today.

X-Lite full face helmets are 100% made in Italy. X-Lite benifts from  from Nolan's 26 years experience in making safe and comfortable motorcycle helmets. X-Lite helmets are fabricated using composite materials instead of polycarbonate materials which Nolan uses. X-Lite motorcycle helmets have a sleek, modern Italian design and they are also very lightweight. X-Lite aims to mee the requirements for the most demanding and experienced riders. A special plant was built exclusively for building these fibreglass helmets. Craftsmanship and technology go hand in hand at X-Lite. The main advantage of purchasing an X-Lite full face helmet is obviously keeping your head safe and sound. A full face helmet offers the best possible protection, this is partly due to the solid construction and the fixed chin bar. Full face helmets are aimed at sporty riders who are looking for a professional and aerodynamic helmet. This type of helmet is often much quieter than, for example, open face helmets and flip up helmets.

Buying an X-lite helmet

Fortamoto.com is an authorized dealer of X-Lite motorcycle helmets. We offer you the level of service you would expect from a brand dealer and you can use our online shop to order your X-Lite helmet with confidence. If you need help ordering online at Fortamoto.com, you can always use our contact form to get in touch. If the helmet does not fit after receiving it or you don't like it, you are not obliged to keep the helmet and you are able to return it.

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