HJC RPHA 70 Full Face Helmet

The HJC RPHA 70 is the successor to the popular RPHA ST and it has a newly developed outer shell. This sporty full face helmet is wind tunnel tested which results in a quiet and stable helmet. The outer shell is reinforced with carbon fibres and thanks to the sophisticated ventilation system, your head will stay cool.

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HJC RPHA-70 Full Face Helmet
  • I.M. outer shell with carbon fibres
  • Integrated sun visor with anti-fog layer
  • Prepared for Cardo SmartH communication system

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HJC RPHA-70 Specifications:

  • Double-D chin strap buckle
  • I.M. outer shell with carbon fibres.
  • Integrated sun visor with anti-fog layer.
  • Renewed control for sun visor.
  • Special mechanism to quickly remove the visor.
  • Pinlock anti-fog lens included.
  • Removable and washable inner lining.
  • Prepared for Cardo SmartH communication system.
  • Cheek pads removable in case of emergency.

We are happy to explain you more about the HJC brand in our showroom, or just on the phone. We are certified HJC dealer.

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