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REV’IT! motorcycle gloves

Where to start..? We imagine that everybody already knows REV’IT! What not everybody might know is that REV’IT! is a Dutch brand. Ivan Vos founded the company in 1995, with the ambition to accompany every type of biker with a team of designers, developers and visionaries. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to beat everyone to the finish line, of if you’re riding in the mountains to avoid running into other people, or if you just don’t want to arrive at work with sweaty armpits: REV’IT! has your covered. Every minute, every kilometre and every place. This ambition still drives REV’IT! after all these years. They do this with help of using innovative materials, delicious designs and a fit like no other. As a biker you cannot get around REV’IT! They do research to find out how they can create highest possible level. REV’IT! has won multiple design awards and they are the fastest growing motorcycle clothing, motorcycle boots and motorcycle gloves brand. They make sure you can do what makes you happy: riding your motorcycle.

REV’IT! believe you should look good, regardless of if you’re riding your bike or simply walking around in your gear. A perfect price/quality ratio and honest, high quality products. REV’IT! has launched multiple partnerships in the past years, like with Ducati, Yamaha and Gore-Tex. They also took over companies like the Italian Tryonic, for their high quality protective products. REV’IT! has managed to win two Red Dot awards, this is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of design and product development. Diverse innovations like VCS aquadefence and PWR shield have been introduced by REV’IT! They even produce leather race for use in MotoGP, so you know that this gear will meet your personal requirements.

Buying REV’IT! gloves is an authorized dealer of REV’IT!. We offer you the level of service you would expect from a brand dealer and you can use our online shop to order your REV’IT! gloves with confidence. If you need help ordering online at, you can always use our contact form to get in touch. If the gloves do not fit after receiving them or you don't like them, you are not obliged to keep the gloves and you are able to return them.

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