Furygan Jet D30 Sympatex Black/White

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Furygan Jet D30 Sympatex Black/White description

With the Jet D3O Sympatex, Furygan is offering a real motorcycle shoe: CE certified, waterproof and equipped with D3O protection. Try them on!

About Furygan:

A brand made by bikers, for bikers. A brand that aims itself at many facets of motorcycle riding and has a combination of the best protection fused with maximal ergonomics. Furygan have been making high quality motorcycle clothing since 1969, and we can assure you they don’t only stand out in ergonomics and protection. The motorcycle gear by Furygan seems to be prepared for everything time after time, this is thanks to the intensive research that Furygan does to offer that extra bit of quality. Be it the protection, the wear resistance, the ergonomics or whatever, Furygan live up to their reputation.

To meet all of the high European standards (beside their own), Furygan has developed the “Motion Lab”. This is a research centre where Furygan put all of their state-of-the-art products through the most heavy and fierce tests, to ensure they keep producing gear of outstanding quality for you. Furygan have divided these qualities into a few facets, namely:

Chafing: Furygan work with skin protect technology. Furygan assume that their clothing is your second skin, that’s why it must be resistant to every kind of wear when you fall off your bike and slide over the ground.

Protection: Furygan use D3O technology. This is a form of protection which hardens during and impact, improving the shock absorption.

Wear: Tears in motorcycle clothes are a biker’s most unexpected enemies, a piece of clothing is only as strong as the weakest link, which will absorb the impact. Furygan’s Motion Lab have come up with “Skin Protect” for this, which has a high resistance to wear.

Ergonomics: Comfort, freedom of movement, a safe feeling and more. These are all top priorities for Furygan, always have and always will.

Stitching: All forms of stitching in all motorcycle clothing by Furygan have been thoroughly tested by their own Motion Lab, and they exceed the required CE standards in safety. Areas that are sensitive to chafing and/or wear are even stitched twice.

Cuts: Even the best material can be worthless when there’s even a small tear in it, that’s why Furygan’s clothing meets the standard “cut”-resistance.

Next to all of this Furygan also work with the British D3O laboratory. The D3O technology is in line with Furygan’s biggest spearhead: the ultimate combination between ergonomics and protection. When the D3O material is in its normal condition it’s a soft, viable and comfortable material – which will not limit you in any kind of ergonomic way. Whenever there is a form of impact, the D3O material (unlike normal protection) turns into a hard material which absorbs the power of the impact. This ensure that the shock does not reach the body and it keeps the rider safe.

Jet D30 Sympatex properties

  • Furygan Jet is CE certified.
  • Waterproof and well breathing thanks to the Sympatex membrane.
  • Made from cow leather.
  • D3O protection on the ankles. Reinforcements on the heel and toes.
  • Anti-slip soles.
  • Flap over the laces to prevent the motorcycle from gripping them.

Furygan Jet D30 Sympatex specs

More Information
Brand Furygan
Model Jet D30 Sympatex
Color Black/White
Category Motorcycle shoes
Waterproof liner Not removable
Sexe Men, Unisex

Furygan Jet D30 Sympatex Black/White reviews

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